Cuddle Therapy Professional Cuddling

Cuddle Therapy Professional Cuddling

Cuddle Therapy Professional CuddlingCuddle Therapy Professional CuddlingCuddle Therapy Professional Cuddling

Professional Cuddling Services

One-on-one Session

Stressed? Sad? Not Sleeping? Lonely?

These are normal responses to our hectic, stressful lives. Overlooking our innate need for cuddling, snuggling, physical closeness, platonic touch, being held  is unhealthy! Feeling a sense of companionship and experiencing platonic touch is essential to our well-being as social creatures.

Professional Cuddling addresses touch needs and skin hunger within the security of a professional cuddling relationship. If you've never been cuddled by a Cuddlist® Professional Cuddler you're in for a treat!

date night Couples' cuddle

Feeling distant from your partner and want a cuddly way to rekindle your connection?

In a new relationship and wanting to grow your intimacy with the powerful bond of cuddling?

Just plain curious about cuddling and have a friend who's game to try something new?

Couple Cuddles or Date Night Cuddles are a wonderful way to explore your own touch needs - and those of your partner - with a Professional Cuddler while reaping the benefits of cuddling

cuddle parties®

So you've been cuddling in groups and cuddle puddles and snuggle fests.... but if you've never cuddled at a Cuddle Party®, you're missing out on the Original!

Cuddle Party® is an empowering, silly, safe, sweet celebration of human kindness and platonic connection and of course...lots of cuddle options! 

Want your very own Cuddle Party®? 

Treat yourself to the best birthday (or anniversary, or graduation, or retirement) party you'll ever have!

Contact us below for details and pricing.

Meet Your Cuddler

certifications and philosophy

My name is Maryam. I am honored to be certified by two of the most widely respected leaders in the world of Professional Cuddling: Cuddlist® and Cuddle Party®. I am also Certified in MHFA and ASIST to hold the safest container for you I can.

I hold a high standard of professional and interpersonal ethics, with a background in Non-Violent Communication, Medical Confidentiality, and degrees in Sociology and Anthropology. For me, this work is a true calling of the spirit to share and promote the kindness of humanity and allow people to benefit from safe feeling, meaningful connection - physical or not. 

A Decade of cuddling

I became a Professional Cuddler & Connection Therapist after a decade of experiencing this as healing modality and happiness practice. I know first-hand what makes a Professional Cuddle Session beneficial, healthy, and brings a sense of security for clients. My sessions are trauma-informed, therapeutic, and body positive.

I believe in you

Professional Cuddling, when affirming the client's own expertise in their own needs, is profoundly empowering! Book a Session with me today and experience the difference that client-centered makes.


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